About Us

Wild World Safaris

The creation of Wild World Safaris was long in the making.

Back in 1995, I left my corporate work in South Africa. My heart belonged in the wilderness of Zimbabwe, where I grew up. My family and I left the urban jungle behind and moved to the Zambezi Valley.

Together with three partners, we set up two safari camps on the edge of Lake Kariba. I set out to learn more about wildlife and the wild worlds they inhabit.

We crafted safaris using our camps and skilled local guides. We hooked up with other safari camps that were owner run. Our love of the wild world was more important than anything else. We wanted to live and breathe wilderness day and night.

Most importantly,  we wanted a world where passionate wildlife guides shared their local knowledge with their guests. Conservation and leaving a small footprint was essential to us.

Then safaris became popular with more than just the dedicated nature lovers. Guests paid for luxury hotels ‘in the wilderness’, sold to them by the big boys in worldwide tourism.

Frankly, the only winners were the corporates in their fancy overseas city offices.

For years we battled the tide. We tried to avoid the marketing people selling air-conditioned hotels or cramming too many guests into a vehicle.

Growing numbers of travellers started to appreciate the importance of our wild world. The power of people joining to protect our wildlife. These travellers love wildlife more than luxury.

So, we decided to ‘break away from the tribe’. Consequently, our team at Wild World Safaris have created a unique collection of expeditions to wild places in Africa, India and Latin America.

We believe the supreme luxury is seeing rare wildlife species in their natural environment. Comfort is important to us, but our priority isn’t the thread count of the sheets.

Our journeys are to remote places, away from the crowds. You’ll be guided by local naturalists, experts in their field. The website is where you can find the wildlife we feature.

Our goal is to combine commerce with sustainable tourism.

All the best, Trisha (Founder)

Call us on: USA +1 646 712 9603 or UK +44 (0)20 3984 0485