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With over 26 years of experience working with wildlife, we offer invaluable advice on wildlife encounters in the wilderness.  Choose from 3 wildlife-rich areas including Africa, India and Latin America. Join one of our small group expeditions to unique wilderness destinations to see rare species. Our trips are designed to leave the lightest footprint and to have a positive impact with everyone we meet. We share our passion for wildlife and its preservation, with our chosen partners within our wildlife destinations. Prefer to do it on your own? We’ll create tailor-made itineraries just for you.


Where world civilization began, it has the world’s tallest and largest land animals, the giraffe and the elephant respectively. The Nile River is the longest in the world, and the San people in southern Africa, use the same tools found in a cave dating 44,000 years ago.


Home to the largest number of vegetarians on the earth, this is where the games of snakes and ladders, and chess, were invented. With over 500 wildlife sanctuaries and 13 reserves, the peacock, the Bengal tiger, and the beautiful lotus flower all hail from this country bursting with personality.

Latin America

The Amazon Rainforest has the greatest biodiversity on earth, and the Iwokrama Forest is one of the last habitats of the Giant Anteater. On the same continent as these precious rainforests, the Atacama Desert doesn’t receive rain for up to four years and is a stargazing hot spot.