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Our expeditions give you a starting point to see the wild world through our eyes.  We have found these routes work particularly well. Encounter endemic species with our highly trained naturalists. Our skilled guides will share insights from a behind the scenes perspective.

Unique independent journeys are available on an individual basis. Use the expedition outlines as inspiration. Professionally trained wildlife experts accompany all of our tours and expeditions.

Mountain gorilla Rwanda

7 days Rwanda

How You Can See Gorillas and Lions in Central Africa

Red panda curled on a branch

13 days West India

See Tigers & Red Pandas on East and Central India Tours

Lion perched on a rocky outcrop

10 days safari + Zanzibar

Tanzania Tours and Wildlife Safaris | Visit East Africa

10 days western Zambia

Zambia Tours | Victoria Falls & South Luangwa National Park

9 days central Namibia

Namibia Fly-In Safari, Tours and Wildlife Expeditions

Giraffe head

9 days Delta and Falls

Botswana Tours and the Victoria Falls | Africa Safaris

14 days north east India

Seeing India’s Big Five | North East India Wildlife Safaris

9 days Argentina + Brazil

Pantanal Expeditions and Wildlife Tours | Latin America

9 days in Peru

Amazon Tours | Discover the Hidden Depths of the Amazon

8 days Pacific Ocean

Galapagos Tours and Safaris | Diverse Wildlife Expeditions

9 days Amazon + Peru

Machu Picchu Tours | Unique Expeditions in Latin America

Lone penguin

10 days South Pole

Antarctica Expeditions and Tours | Wildlife and Glaciers

11 days Chile + Argentina

Patagonia Expedition and Wildlife Tours | Latin America

Tiger in water

6 days Central India

How You Can Spot a Bengal Tiger in Ranthambore, India

Snow leopard northern Himalayas, Rambuk

10 days upper Himalayas

Seeing a Wild Snow Leopard | Northern Himalayas Tours