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Tiger Kanha Kisli National ParkFlora

How to spot a tiger

Tigers are awesome at camouflage The splendid tiger is a master at disappearing into the tangled bush. To spot one when it doesn't want to be seen, is nigh impossible. Tigers prefer to walk along dappled forest paths or dry…
WWS Team
June 29, 2020

Every river has a story

The steady, continuous flow of freshwater rivers is crucial to human life, and a whole host of aquatic species. Some are just a few kilometres, while others span an entire continent. As diverse as the animal kingdom, a number are…
WWS Team
June 25, 2020
Red panda in treeFloraLandscape

The Giving Trees

Trees are the ultimate "givers": If we could understand every tree in the forest, we could protect these vital ecosystems that give so much to our earth. They provide shelter and shade for mammals, birds, insects and reptiles. Fruit, nuts…
WWS Team
April 2, 2019
Market stall girl basket makingCommunity

Crafting for income

Craft making is an important source of revenue all over the world. In the small village of Ambavalao in Madagascar, is the Antaimoro paper factory. Using bark from the Avoha tree, women pound the paper into a mush. Once the…
WWS Team
March 23, 2019
Protea flower KirstenboschLandscape

Prehistoric protea

These ancient flowers have been traced as far back as 300 million years. Protea bushes bear impressive flowers and the most impressive is the King Protea. Shaped like a huge bowl and with strong, woody stems, it is the national…
WWS Team
March 23, 2019

River Dolphins

Fresh water dolphins are curious, friendly and intelligent. Scarcely known and hardly ever seen by humans. These mammals are found only in the Amazon River and parts of Asia including the Ganges, India’s sacred and longest river. Under enormous threat…
WWS Team
November 21, 2018