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A journey to Antarctica takes you to an icy wilderness, unlike anywhere else. An experience never to be forgotten. Fantastic scenery of clear seawater against blue and white ice. Whales are breaching with glaciers in the distance, and curious seals are going about their business.

During the trip, there’ll be the opportunity to walk on land with penguins and perhaps sit amongst them. Depending on weather conditions, kayaking options are available. Paddling through the quietness allows a real sense of this environment.

An opportunity to walk ashore with an ice guide and sit amongst the penguins is available depending on the weather. There are even some hot springs to test out on a black sand beach!

Expedition Itinerary

Day 1:

On arrival in Chile’s capital Santiago, transfer in a private vehicle to your hotel.

Day 2:

Transfer to Punta Arenas to meet with the other members of the Antarctic Expedition. The trip includes sharing a twin cabin on a six-night cruise. Shorter journeys and triple share cabins could offer considerable savings.

Day 3:

This morning transfer to the airport and board the flight across Drakes Passage to King George Island and board the ship.

Day 4:

Spend a full day in the Antarctic Peninsula. Weather allowing you could go ashore and enjoy a short walk to a deserted explorer’s hut. Antarctica’s extreme weather conditions have preserved these relics from the age of the pioneer explorers.  a

Day 5:

Sail through a strait of water bisecting the Antarctic Peninsula and Booth Island. Called the Lemaire Channel you’ll pass towering cliffs of ice, glaciers running to meet the water, and immense icebergs. The channel is exceptionally scenic, and the nickname ‘Kodak Gap’ becomes evident as you sail along. An optional afternoon activity could be kayaking silently through the still waters. A proper taste of Antarctica’s real wilderness.

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Day 6:

Weather allowing, visit a penguin colony. Penguins are a real feature of Antarctic expeditions. Species in this region include chinstrap and Gentoo. It’s possible to see the birds diving off the shore from the ship and swimming gracefully through the clear waters. Walks are not long, but they do allow visitors to get the same feeling early explorers would have felt in this white, cold desert.

Day 7:

Deception Island is one of Antarctica’s active volcanoes which you could visit today. The ship will squeeze through Neptune’s Bellows, a narrow gap opening to a caldera edged with black sandy beaches and cliffs. In this spot, you’ll see chinstrap penguins and a deserted Chilean research station.  Often whales are present and see relatively close. The main highlight is bathing in the hot springs!

Day 8:

Today you’ll fly back across Drakes Passage and on to Punta Arenas.  Overnight in a nearby hotel.

Day 9:

Connect to your flight to Santiago and transfer to your hotel for the night.

Day 10:

After transferring to the airport, you’ll connect to your ongoing flights.

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