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Wild World Safaris creates epic wildlife journeys showcasing unusual animal behaviour and the breath-taking diversity of life on Earth.

Experience the changing face of nature and uncover the surprising, and sometimes challenging stories taking place in our wild world. See these irreplaceable wilderness areas with our know-how.

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Nature makes us happy

There’s no doubt about it, engaging with our natural world makes us more comfortable. Whether it’s watching nature documentaries, observing live animals in the wild, getting involved with wildlife conservation, or learning about other people and cultures, we feel significant increases in joy, awe and curiosity.

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Where world civilisation began, it has the world’s tallest and most massive land animals, the giraffe and the elephant respectively. The Nile River is the longest in the world, and the San people in southern Africa, use the same tools found in a cave dating 44,000 years ago.


Home to the most significant number of vegetarians on the earth, this is where the games of snakes and ladders, and chess, were invented. With over 500 wildlife sanctuaries and 13 reserves, the peacock, the Bengal tiger, and the beautiful lotus flower all hail from this country bursting with personality.

Latin America

The Amazon Rainforest has the most exceptional biodiversity on earth, and the Iwokrama Forest is one of the last habitats of the Giant Anteater. On the same continent as these precious rainforests, the Atacama Desert doesn’t receive rain for up to four years and is a stargazing hot spot.

Featured Story

Fresh water dolphins

River dolphins are scarcely known, and hardly seen by many humans. Freshwater dolphins live only in the Amazon River and parts of Asia including the Ganges, India’s sacred and longest river.

Under enormous threat from commercial fishing and pollution, the river dolphins act as a barometer of river health in basins where they live. Along with sea turtles and sharks, these dolphins are some of the oldest creatures on earth.